Odyssey 02 Girls (U18)

LHGCL D1 NPL - Red River Super “Y” League

Odysey 02G 2018/2019

Odyssey 02 Girls compete in Lake Highlands Girls Classic League, D1. They also compete in the "National Premier League" and "Super Y league" with City FC.  Building on our technical development and huge improvement in our team play from the 2018-19 season, Coach Paul Gallagher will continue to lead this exceptional group of young ladies in LHGCL., NPL and Super Y                          

Tryouts for the 02 Girls are open to players born from January 1st, 2002 or after.

Coach: Paul Gallagher

Asst. Coach: Valerie Simpson

Manager: Mark Brooks

Tournament Manager: Dennis Mirabal

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Where will we be next?

Check out these dates on our club Calendar:

June 13-July, 2019- Open Tryouts

(817) 480-4625

02 Girls Team Manager Mark Brooks